HTML5 guidelines

In order to add HTML5 banners to Adcrowd your HTML5 advertisements need to satisfy the following guidelines.


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Use dynamic URLs

When adding a new ad you always have to enter the target-url. In order to measure as much as possible, you can pass dynamic data to this url. We call these macros. More about the features...

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How do I acquire a suitable product feed for retargeting?

With Adcrowd, you can place simple dynamic ads. In order to do so, you'll need an appropriate product feed. A product feed...

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How do you choose the right strategy for your webshop?

At the end of last year Adcrowd introduced the Webshop App for users of the webshop platform of SEOshop. By installing the app you can easily start retargeting with dynamic ads in just a...

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Why was my ad rejected?

Just like other forms of advertising, online ads are bound to rules. It is not always possible or allowed to show all ads. Besides checking images, we also check whether an ads clicks thr...

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What are the product feed specifications?

Dynamic ads can be created from within the Adcrowd platform itself. In order to utilize dynamic ads you will need a produc...

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What is the ideal set-up of a successful retargeting campaign?

Through retargeting you approach potential customers who already have come into contact with your product or service. But how do you set up the ideal retargeting campaign to actually achi...

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