How do I acquire a suitable product feed for retargeting?

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Gepost door Jorrit Baerends
Monday 13 Apr 2015

With Adcrowd, you can place simple dynamic ads. In order to do so, you'll need an appropriate product feed. A product feed is a file with data about all your products, like name, url , price and photo. There are several way to generate a product feed.

Down here you will find 3 ways to generate a product feed for your webshop.

1. Developer

Ask your developer or webmaster to create a product feed. Specifications of suitable product feeds for Adcrowd can be found here.

2.Product feed management tool

There are several platforms that allow you to easily create and manage product feeds. Often these platforms require a monthly fee. Some parties offer an Adcrowd-feed, but with Adcrowd you can also use a Google Shopping product feed.

3. Plugin

Do you use open source software, such as Magento or OpenCart? Often plugins or addons are available for you to install, that allow you to generate Google Shopping feeds. These feeds can also be used within Adcrowd.

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