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Friday 27 Feb 2015

At the end of last year Adcrowd introduced the Webshop App for users of the webshop platform of SEOshop. By installing the app you can easily start retargeting with dynamic ads in just a few steps. Because of customers' feedback and the success of the app several strategies were added at the start of this year. Strategies give webshop owners more possibilities to remain at the helm.

Which strategies do we have?

The strategies vary from XS to XXL, and are set to the standard M. This is the average strategy everyone starts with. Depending on the results you are getting with strategy M, you can start to slide towards direction XS or XXL.

With strategy XS you will spend significantly less per lost visitor. In addition, the number of times your ads are displayed will also be limited. Your return will go up, because you spend little on your lost visitors, but your revenue from the ads will sharply decline. With strategy S you spend less budget on visitors of the product page, and in general visitors will not see your ads much. Strategy M is standard, in which an average price is calculated over all lost visitors from the reported weekly budget. With strategy L you will start to spend more to enlarge profit, and this is even more so for XL. This causes the generated return from the ads to go up, but this will cost a bit from your revenue. This way you spend more on your lost visitors so they don't lose sight of your brand. Strategy XXL is the largest strategy, in which the bar is higher and more impressions per lost visitor are collected. This has a positive effect on your revenue.

Tips to choose a strategy

As outlined above, you can go several ways with the strategies. With a small strategy, like XS or S, you choose value. This comes at the expense of your revenue because you are less visible. With a large strategy, like XL or XXL, you choose for more revenue because you win many views and approach all lost visitors a second time.

It is best not to switch strategies every day, but to give a new strategy some time to develop itself. This way, you can evaluate the results with the available data from the reports.

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