What are the product feed specifications?

Gepost door Jorrit Baerends
Friday 27 Jun 2014

Dynamic ads can be created from within the Adcrowd platform itself. In order to utilize dynamic ads you will need a product feed, so that your products can be displayed the ad.

Type of product feeds

Currently, the following types of product feeds can be used:

1. Google Shopping (XML-feed)

Have you already created a product feed for Google Shopping? You can use this product feed directly for dynamic Adcrowd ads. Make sure that it is an XML-feed that we can request from a specific URL. At Google you will find more information on the specifications: Feed specifications for products and RSS-specifications. .

2. Magento RSS

Do you use Magento for your webshop? In many cases you can then easily generate a product feed and use that for your dynamic Adcrowd ads. The Magento specifications can be found here.

3. Adcrowd RSS

If you create a product feed specifically for Adcrowd, then it should have the following fields:

Element Description Example
<title> Name of the product <title>Adidas Sneakers</title>
<guid> Unique ID from the product <guid>12345</guid>
<url> URL from the product page <url></url>
<enclosure> Image of the product <enclosure url=""/>
<description> Price and if available sales-price of the product <description><del>€99,99</del> €59,99</description>

Example Adcrowd RSS:
<rss version='2.0'>
            <title>Adidas Sneakers</title>
            <enclosure url=""/>
            <description><del>€99,99</del> €59,99</description>

Incorporate product-id in Smart Pixel

In order to be able to match your product page with the product from your product feed, it is important that you incorporate the product-id in the Smart Pixel. This is what the field '_ac.product' in the Smart Pixel is meant for. Do you want to know how to adjust the Smart Pixel in your case? Then login to the platform and go to Segments > Smart Pixel.

The next field of the product feed is used as the product-id:

Google Shopping: <g:id>
Magento RSS: <guid>
Adcrowd RSS: <guid>

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