What is the ideal set-up of a successful retargeting campaign?

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Wednesday 23 Apr 2014

Through retargeting you approach potential customers who already have come into contact with your product or service. But how do you set up the ideal retargeting campaign to actually achieve that? You can read the advice for a successful set-up in this article.

Approaching by steps in purchase process

Not every visitor has looked at the website in the same way. Suppose you have a web shop with all sorts of ladies' footwear brands. There will be visitors who have visited the home page and then left. They didn't click on anything else. These visitors are a lot less valuable than the visitors who have viewed the product page and perhaps even put something in the shopping cart.

It is valuable to do something with the information you have from the previous visitors. Where did they drop out in the purchase process (funnel)? The further someone has already been reached in the funnel, the more likely it is that they will make a purchase in the short term. This can be with you, but also with the competitor if you do not properly respond to it.

Vary the bid and lifespan

A successful retargeting campaign takes into account all the different steps in the purchase process. The bid and the duration of the campaign are adjusted to this here. Thus, we recommend a long duration of several months at a relatively low CPM bid on your home page. If the visitor was almost about to make a purchase, it is wise to increase the bid, but to shorten the duration of the campaign for about a month.

  • Homepage: low bid, long lifespan
  • Product page: average bid, average lifespan
  • Shopping Cart: high bid, short lifespan

It is wise to exclude visitors who have already made a purchase and have visited the thank you page. You can do this by first creating the different segments and then setting the visitors on the thank you page to 'exclude'.

Below is an example of how to create the campaign for your product page. The segment will be created first.

After that you include the segment 'Product page' and set the other segments on 'Ignore'. You then exclude the visitors who have also visited the 'Thank you page'

Creating a retargeting campaign

Four segments are required for the campaign in this case: all visitors, product page, shopping cart and the thank you page.

It is necessary to create a segment for visitors to the thank you page to be able to exclude them. They have already become customers.

In order to take full advantage of the reach, we advise that you use all the options in the field of retargeting. It is advertised on the web as well as on Facebook.

Ultimately you have 9 different campaigns in this way:

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