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Retargeting on Facebook

Retargeting is the most successful way of display advertising. Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. Wouldn't a combination of the two be a dream for any online advertiser? Adcrowd thinks so and now brings these two force fields together in its unique self-service platform!

Adcrowd is not offering Facebook retargeting anymore.
Please check out the strength of retargeting on the web.

1. Visitors come to your website

Retargeting on Facebook works in the same way as retargeting on the web. A visitor comes to your website, learns about your services or products, but does not do the conversion you would like. Via the Adcrowd platform you can then display a focused ad on Facebook to this visitor.

2. Your site is being left by 98% without converting

Despite all your efforts, 98% of visitors to your site are leaving without the desired conversion. This is the ideal target group to still persuade on Facebook. With our Smart Pixel you can easily segment your visitors so that you always can set up an appropriate campaign. You are naturally striving for the best results for your campaign.

3. Visitors will see your ad on Facebook

Adcrowd has access to the Facebook Exchange (FBX). This enables us show your ad to visitors on Facebook who have visited your site before. Remember that Facebook accounts for a quarter of all global advertising space on its behalf. Thanks to this fantastic offer, you can take advantage of low rates on Facebook.

4. Visitors are enticed to come back and convert

Your ad can be seen on the right side of Facebook, but also in the Facebook newsfeed. Naturally you can decide this with Adcrowd yourself. With these ads you stay top-of-mind and can still entice your visitors to convert. Retargeting on Facebook is highly successful and an essential part of your retargeting strategy.

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