How does retargeting work?

Retargeting: The most effective and focused way of advertising online. You will simply place on other websites only ads to visitors who have previously visited your website. These are the most qualified and interested visitors that you could wish for. You could not advertise more effectively or focused!

1. Visitors come to your site

You spend a lot of time and energy leading potential customers to your website. However, no less than 98% leave your site without the required transaction or conversion. Obviously that is a real shame and very costly. And now happily unnecessary! Through retargeting, Adcrowd also ensures that you still get a second chance to convert this visitor to a new customer.

2. Your site is being left by 98% without converting

Your site is being left on average by 98% of visitors without converting. As each visitor can quit at a separate time of the purchase process, you can simply segment visitors with our Smart Pixel on Adcrowd . In this way you can always create a focused campaign.

3. Visitors will go to other sites and see your advertisements

Adcrowd is directly linked to all the major global ad auctions, such as Google Adx, Microsoft Exchange, and OpenX and Appnexus. Through this Adcrowd can reach more than 95% of your visitors once again and show them your ad. Your ad will only be shown to your earlier visitors. With Adcrowd you can also deploy dynamic ads to further increase the results of your ads.

4. Visitors are enticed to return and convert

Your ad is visible on all the appealing sites in the Netherlands and beyond, but always only for users who have only visited your site first. By exclusively advertising on this selected group, retargeting will get great results. Many visitors will still be tempted to finalise the purchase or other conversion on your website in this way.

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