Dynamic ads

How do dynamic ads work?

Adcrowd dynamic ads are unique for each visitor. The dynamic ads are mainly used for retargeting purposes, so the banner can be populated realtime with product that the visitor looked at. Down here the way it works will be explained step by step.

Step 1

On this page as an example you will see the banners of Shoehoo. Follow the 2 steps below to see the content of the banner change.

Step 2

Now visit the Shoehoo website and view one or more products on the site.

Step 3

Now reload this page. The banner will now be populated with products that you have just viewed on the Shoehoo website, sometimes supplemented with other products. Because of this, the banners are matching the visitor's interests very well.

Do you also want to use your own dynamic ads? Then login and start creating your own dynamic banners right away.


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