Reach new visitors with targeting

Advertising through automated trading offers not only hefty lower costs, but much more powerful options. If we were to make a comparison, advertising in the "old" way is random shooting, while with automated trading using (re)targeting you have a laser gun in your hands. With the Adcrowd platform everyone has access to the below targeting spectrum to attract the most right visitors as efficiently and most focused as possible.

Domain targeting

With Adcrowd as your advertiser you can exactly determine on which websites specifically you want to show your banners. Think for example of popular websites like or Upload your banners, manually enter on which websites you want to bid on advertising space, enter your maximum bid and off you go!

Contextual targeting

A tour company offers tours to Australia. Would not it be great to display the banner only next to articles on blogs or large websites in which travel to Australia is discussed? Or do you want to focus on the target audience of investors? Then only display your banner next to investment content. Adcrowd has built technology into its platform that makes this contextual targeting possible. In this way your ad is only placed on those pages that exactly attracts your target audience, due to its content. That is smart and really focused advertising.

Location targeting

Suppose someone has physical stores in London, Cardiff, and Manchester and wants to promote a special shop promotion over the internet. With Adcrowd you can easily set up banners only be displayed to visitors who come from those cities. Or you might prefer to focus on people with high incomes? Then you can display your banners only to residents of "affluent" municipalities, for example. The Adcrowd geographical filter offers infinite possibilities.

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