What is the Web shop App?

To make retargeting even easier and more accessible to web shop owners we developed the Web shop App. The Web shop App integrates seamlessly with the web shops on the linked web shop platforms. A large number of manual operations are automated, so you can start with retargeting immediately. Besides advertising on the web it is also possible to advertise on Facebook. This is possible for both the Facebook News Feed as well as the Facebook Sidebar.

Why retargeting for your web shop?

Of all the visitors who visit a web shop for the first time, 98% click away without making a purchase. Even filled shopping carts are largely left without paying for the products. How do you get these lost visitors back?

Retargeting is an effective way to retrieve these previous visitors for web shops. Through online ads they are once again referred to your web shop and products.

Previously viewed products can be shown everywhere on the web with dynamic ads. These ads are highly relevant to your previous visitors, and remind them of the clicks they made. This way, your visitors are reconnected to your brand, and they are stimulated to make a purchase after all.

Jouw retargeting platform

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